Wall Decoration and Interior Design

Made in Holland, with care and attention to detail.

Wallpaper Decals

Hand made in Holland. Choose your favourite animal or tree and the preferred wallpaper pattern. The decals are carefully made from authentic vintage and contemporary wallpaper by our experienced team. There is a wide variety of patterns you can choose from. Many of which exclusively available at Inke. 

Combine  different animals and patterns to create an unique wall scene for your nursery or children’s room. Not sure about your choice? Contact us and we will help you gladly! 

Wallpaper Trees

Reading a book under the Wallpaper Tree. Memories to cherish….

Every Wallpaper Tree is hand made in our own workshop. Choose your favourite design from one of the many available varieties. Customisation possible, please contact us.

Inke's Wallprint.Shop

Imaginative designs by Inke for your nursery or children’s room. These new wall prints are easy to apply so you can transform your interior with no hassle. 

All murals are now available at our new and improved website: – lots of choice, new designs, and… free shipping!

Inke's wallpaper shop

Huge collection of unique vintage wallpapers

Over the years we have acquired an extensive collection of authentic vintage wallpapers. Many of which exclusively available at Inke. The wallpapers are in excellent condition and are available per roll, per meter or even as A4-sized cutouts. Get creative and check out our website now. 


Studio / Workshop

Semmelweisstraat 3
2316DK Leiden NL
(by appointment only)

+31 (0)71 542 3399